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Then we started to wonder about this breed: we read, had many conversations with the owners of weimaraner. We did this to be sure that we would be a great owner of Weimaraner. Therefore, we understood that this dog really suits for us and we started the search of Weimaraner puppy. The search was not easy. Longhair weimaraners are very rare in the world. Besides, it is quite difficult to find longhair weimaraner having the best breed characteristics. Because the best breed characteristics are closely related to the ancestor origin from Germany.

After two years of search we have finally found Herta in Luxembourg. And then many fantastic things started in our lifes: planning the trip to the city of fairy-tales – Luxembourg, difficulties with dog transporting in the airport. But after all, Herta reached our house. In the first days Herta showed her adorable character: she is friendly, very loyal, sweet, excellet exterior. Sometimes it seems that she is a mind reader. Furthermore, she loves hunting, retrieving, working in the fields.

In 2012 we knew that the litter of Longhair Weimaraners was planned in Luxembourg (the same parents as Herta’s). So we definitely decided that we wanted one more longhair weimaraner in our family. This time our trip was by ferry, by car and together with Herta we travel to bring Juta to our house.

Today we have four wonderful Weimaraners.

We can’t imagine our lives without our loyal silhouettes.

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